Clinical Practice


Clinical Practice

Our students begin seeing patients in the first week of their first year curriculum, creating future health care professionals who are committed, confident and capable.

Our innovative learning program is student centered, experiential, clinically focused, and based on the latest workplace practices. The Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Medical Simulation Center provides demonstration and practice outside the workplace, with an emphasis on interaction and discussion.  This is a state-of-the- art virtual training facility where healthcare professionals receive training in a simulated and fully controlled environment.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences is located in the heart of Dubai Healthcare City which currently houses over 150 medical facilities, 4000 physicians and three full size hospitals that are open to patients and fully operational. MBRU has developed affiliations with key providers in healthcare, including:

Mediclinic Middle East

An exciting partnership with Mediclinic Middle East will advance their shared passion for progressive and innovative medical education. Under this agreement, Mediclinic Middle East will make available its state of the art healthcare facilities and highly trained specialist physicians for the training of MBRU students.

Dubai Health Authority

An educational partnership agreement with the DHA healthcare system will make DHA’s enormous resources available for the training of MBRU students, providing students with hands-on experience in both private and public sectors of healthcare delivery.

Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai

This is the first overseas branch of Moorfields and brings 200 years of excellence in eye care to the Middle East. Moorfields is both the oldest and largest eye hospital in the world. It is internationally renowned for its comprehensive clinical and research activities. The hospital is a major international tertiary care and training centre in ophthalmology and over half of all ophthalmologists in the UK have received specialist training at the hospital.

The facilities at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai set the benchmark for eye care in the Middle East. The hospital can deliver the highest quality service for 20,000 outpatient consultations and 5,000 surgical procedures a year, and delivers a wide range of services from simple eye tests to complex eye surgery.

These relationships highlight the desire of the parties to collaborate and deliver the best of medical education, research and service provision. Detailed agreements to operationalize these understandings are expected to be ready by March 2016. Currently, there are agreements with, or letters of support from, Mediclinic Middle East Group which has a 400 bed hospital with the common specialties represented, the Moorefields Eye Hospital and Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital.

Support for Internship Post Graduation

Students will be awarded the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) following successful completion of the 6-year program. Following this, most countries, including the UAE, require medical graduates to embark on one year of a structured internship with a healthcare provider approved by the relevant local health authorities. Graduates can then apply for their full license. Many will typically continue with further post-graduate training before starting independent practice. For further details on internship, please refer to the internship policy available at the Office of the Associate Dean for Education at the College of Medicine.

The university is committed to preparing students for post-graduate training through early career planning and seminars and career events, to ensure that MBRU graduates are credible, confident and competitive.

The Career Center can advise students on activities designed to enable graduates of the MBBS program to secure their desired post-graduate training positions.

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