The story of Professor Alawi Alsheikh-Ali as a physician, a founding dean, and a member of the Emirates Scientists Council

10 Apr 2018

My appointment as a member of the Emirates Scientists Council is the latest phase in my journey in the field of science and medicine, and specifically in my journey at Mohammed Bin Rashid University for medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU).

To be given the opportunity to contribute to the UAE’s national science and research agenda as a member of the Emirates Scientists Council is a great privilege and responsibility. As a member, along with the other council’s members, will be responsible for drafting policies to foster innovation and scientific research.  

For me, to be selected as a member is yet another act of generosity on behalf of my country and my government. The government has supported me throughout my educational journey, and my career. Today it has given me the opportunity to give back to society and to prepare and support future generations. This concept of giving forward – by giving to future generations, giving back to my community is something I am proud of, to me this is what being a physician and an educator is all about.  

My journey in the field of science and medicine started more than 25 years, when I was accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). At the time, as an 18-year-old student I obviously did not have the capacity to foresee what the medicine field has to offer beyond the clinical field.

Today, as the founding Dean of the College of Medicine at MBRU and as a Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist, I understand what this field has to offer anyone that enters it.

To be in the healthcare profession, to be part of the MBRU team who work to advance the future of health care in the UAE and the region, and seeing that I have the opportunity to help guide young minds who will eventually be better than you is an immense responsibility but it also gives me immense satisfaction.

I will never forget…The day I received my acceptance letter from Tufts University. I vividly remember going out to get the mail that day, and there it was a letter from Tufts. I did not open it until I got back to my apartment. That day was the day I began a career in medicine.

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