His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai has recently said that “we want to make the UAE a hub for advanced science and a top destination for scientists and innovators, who we do welcome their contributions and partnership with us in creating a better future for the people." This statement comes in the context of a significant current drive in the advancement of science and technology in the UAE. The recently launched National Science Agenda 2031 will align public, private and academic sectors endeavors towards delivering on the UAE Centennial Plan 2071. Focus within the National Science Agenda is now on developing core competencies to deliver on its scientific objectives. A major consultative exercise determined eight science objectives, one of which is preventing and treating the UAE’s top health challenges. The top health challenges in the UAE include cardio-metabolic diseases, cancer, mental disorders, and respiratory diseases. Mitigating the impact of these diseases is a priority of the National Science Agenda. Academic institutions have been called upon to continue to explore fundamental scientific principles that feed into the scientific value chain, with a particular focus on genomics in relation to addressing the health challenges within the UAE. To achieve the objectives of the National Sciences Agenda 2031, core competences have been developed one of which is “Healthcare and biomedical intersections”. The agenda also identifies four enabling levers, including enabling technology such as bioinformatics “to increase efficiency and improve lives”.

Research at MBRU

Researchers at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Science (MBRU) are developing comprehensive solutions to address questions pertinent to the country in order to help economic development. MBRU researchers are well-known in their disciplines of Medical and Biomedical Sciences and have always made their presence felt in the scientific community through their publications and participation at national and international meetings and other scholarly activities.

In February 2018, MBRU celebrated the first 100 indexed publications just within 2 years of its inception. Moreover, despite a very competitive atmosphere to attract funds for research, we are proud of our faculty members who have attracted various funding opportunities and have maintained productivity of international standards. In addition, the research activities of our faculty lead to an extraordinary enrichment of the experience for both our undergraduate and graduate students. The research opportunities and training available to our students creates the next generation of well-prepared scholars who will help in the advancement of knowledge and discovery. The medical students at MBRU start learning the intricacies of research early on as part of a course in the curriculum, which familiarizes them with research methodologies, design, and the implementation of a research project.

In order to attract top quality scientists and researchers, MBRU is committed to establishing state-of-the-art research facilities. A cutting-edge research infrastructure which will serve as a platform for initiating highly competitive research projects. In addition, it will help faculty researchers to build and oversee strong research groups in their areas of expertise. Towards this, MBRU has developed core facilities and research laboratories that will hold the necessary equipment and technologies for its researchers. Moreover, MBRU will also allocate regular funds to upgrade research equipment and bring new technologies to the University.

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies

MBRU’s Office of Research and Graduate Studies promotes an environment that promotes and advances research, it also nurtures the incoming faculty, and ensures that the necessary infrastructure and resources are provided so that its investigators can flourish. The Office of Research and Graduate Studies has developed a research strategy that is aligned with MBRU’s vision, mission, and goals. The strategic goals, initiatives, and specific activities focus on encouraging the research output and impact from MBRU faculty members, as well as fulfilling the vision to become a world-class university. The integration of all research activities at Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) and the establishment of an integrated academic health system will be an important strategic step in this direction.

MBRU’s Research Achievements

  • 119 publications in PubMed in just over 2 years

  • A high percentage of MBRU publications are in top journal percentiles (31% by Scopus SJR; 28% by Scopus CiteScore)

  • Significant international collaborations based on Scopus

  • High academic-corporate collaboration based on Scopus

  • Ranked within top institutions in UAE in Medicine and Dentistry by Scopus

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P.O Box 505055, Dubai UAE

Phone: 800 MBRU (6278)

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