Emergency Department

The Emergency Department, located at the basement of the center, is set up with three minor beds, two major bays and two resuscitation bays.

Adult and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

The Intensive Care Unit at the simulation center can hold up to six patients and includes neonatal, pediatric and adult bays.

Patient Ward

The ward environment is similar to a hospitals semi private ward having mid fidelity simulators that are instructor driven.

Maternity Ward

The maternity ward can be configured as a first stage or labor room and has a SimMom simulator where the baby can be delivered normally or by caesarian section.

Operating Theaters

There are two operating rooms in the center. Operating Room 1 is fully equipped with audio visual monitoring and a high fidelity simulator and is set up as to look as close as possible to a real operating theatre.

Dental Simulation

The dental simulation room comprises of thirteen Frasaco phantom heads and Sirona dental units that are used for training of various dental procedures.

Debriefing Rooms

The center has four well equipped debriefing rooms that can be used to watch training sessions and scenarios from any environment within the center either live or recorded in small groups.

Clinical Consultation Rooms

There are 12 clinical consultation rooms designed to teach health professional and patient encounters in small groups.


The ambulance can be used to simulate integrated patient care scenarios (from pre-hospital setting to hospital handover) like management of road accidents, mass casualties and disaster management etc.

Radiology Room

The radiology room holds a CT scanner and enables simulations in an enclosed environment. The CT scanner is a shell and does not produce any radiation..

Simulation Control Rooms

Many of the simulation environments are overlooked by adjacent control rooms which are equipped with the necessary software and hardware required to run, view and record the scenarios.

Multipurpose Lecture Rooms

There are large multipurpose halls which are used for workshops, seminars, symposia or any other large to small group learning event.

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